Residential Services 

Kiss Electric, LLC has been serving residents of the Levittown, PA area and beyond for over 20+ years. Our reliable, experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured residential electricians handle all types of electrical work specifically related to your home. At Kiss Electric, we are proud of our team of certified and trustworthy electricians that provide exceptional electrical services for our valued residential clients, from the simple jobs to the most complex projects including interior and exterior. As a full service, insured and bonded residential electrician, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services.


Electrical Panel Upgrade

When an electrical panel no longer functions properly for your daily needs, it may become necessary for the panel to be maintained. Homeowners are extremely reliant upon electrical power for many of their high power devices, small appliances and heavy duty appliances. If the electrical panel was installed more than 40-50 years ago, today is a good time for a free electrical panel inspection. If the home is without power and needs an emergency replacement or installation, Please do not hesitate to call KISS.

Generator Installation 

Kiss Electric is a qualified residential generator installer, and can help you determine the proper generator size after calculating the anticipated electrical loads. Our electricians will safely install the generator and wire to the home’s electrical panel, in the best outdoor location, for optimal performance.

LED Lighting & Recessed Lighting 

Kiss offers efficient lighting for an entire home from LED to recessed lighting. LED’s are eco-friendly and a fantastic way to go green while saving money on your utility bill. On the other hand, recessed lighting can add elegance or additional lighting to a small room to help appear larger. One of the best ways to ensure that your home has sufficient and efficient lighting is to bring in an experienced licensed KISS electrician for a home assessment of your existing lighting.

Ceiling Fan Installation 

KISS Electricians can provide professional installation of ceiling fans to help provide an efficient way to provide cool air in the summer and move warm air in the winter. Not only are they productive, ceiling fans can produce a more comfortable environment for homeowners. Our qualified and fully trained technicians can handle every aspect of your ceiling fan installation, from the junction box to mounting the fixture and installing the bulbs. Lower your A/C bill today!

Wiring and Rewiring 

Existing home wiring and electrical systems are basic necessities in every house or building today. The age of
the structure, renovations or significant increase in power demand can make your home’s electrical system obsolete. Typical home wiring involves the installation of a complete electrical system including the outlets and switches attached to it. Our licensed residential electricians understand the complex electrical needs, complete all work according to code, and implement safe home wiring and rewiring procedures.


Are you experiencing issues with your circuit breakers? Do they keep tripping? Do you have electrical outlets that aren’t working properly or electrical switches that work only part time? Perhaps one of the most important reasons to hire a licensed local electrician to conduct electrical troubleshooting for problematic issues is that it is much safer than performing the work yourself. As licensed electricians, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to diagnose and make any residential electrical repair. Contact us today for a free residential electrical troubleshooting quote.





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