The PRICE of Sunlight is ZERO.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The sun is not sending us a bill to charge our houses with its power. The PRICE of sunlight is ZERO.

Coal and natural gas are not free, and they are expensive and volatile. You never know when these dirty fossil fuels - which are not sustainable - are going up or down in price (utility prices have systematically gone up over the past decade). There is no fuel cost with sunlight. This means that our state and local governments can determine energy needs as the sun is a consistent, stable source of power. It shines everyday and it’s FREE!!

For rooftop solar? You, too, will know how much it’s going to cost for the life of your rooftop solar system. A residential solar system provides energy at the same utility rate every year for 20 years (at the minimum). That’s the same bill for two decades. Positive, great news for a change.

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