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Did you know 🤔 in 1839, at age 19, experimenting in his father’s laboratory, Edmond Becquerel created the world’s first photovoltaic cell? Because of his work, the photovoltaic effect (the operating principle of the solar cell) has also been known as the “Becquerel effect”

"Edmond Becquerel appears to have been the first to demonstrate the photovoltaic effect. Working in his father's laboratory as a nineteen year old, he generated electricity by illuminating an electrode with different types of light, including sunlight . He was also the first to recognize the enormous potential of photovoltaic devices. He saw that the devices could be fabricated at very low cost and noted that 'the current, if not wanted immediately, can either be "stored" where produced, in storage batteries … or transmitted … to a distance, and there used, or stored'. "

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